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Why I bought my first EV

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Contribution by BEV member

When I was a kid, I would spend weekends of my summer months in the country at my family’s ranch. There were horses, cows, guns and tractors. You get the picture.

My uncle who ran the operation would wake us up at 4:30am, we’d have a quick breakfast at 5am and he would "work us to death" for about 9 hours with a lot of yelling and cursing aka "Ranch Talk" then we would have a huge lunch, work a little bit more and then we could do whatever we wanted for the rest of the day. We loved every minute of it.

We could hunt and shoot stuff, make big fires, ride 3 wheelers, play in the woods, drive full sized trucks and cars. It was a gigantic playground for kids around 12 years old, probably the closest thing I’ll ever come to being in the Wild West.

One of the great pleasures I had was driving the golf carts.

They were electric and went from zero to I don’t know, 10 mph, lightening quick. It still feels like it was yesterday, sitting in a vehicle perfectly sized as a miniature car for a kid and punching the pedal all the way to the floor. The exhilaration I got from that was unique, kind of like when I would climb a tree and swing on a rope for that acceleration feeling, but without having to climb the tree. I did it over and over and over again and never got tired of it. I specifically remember wondering "Why don’t they make these bigger and faster to use as regular cars?"

Skip ahead about 30 years later, I think at the time I had been reading about climate change and that did (and still does) concern me, but the overwhelming thought was "Wait a second, there should be electric vehicles by now and dammit I want one."

After months of researching, I found it - an Electric Motorcycle! It was going to be perfect! Something available, something electric, and OMG that torque. I brought the idea to my wife who wasn't too keen of me dying on a motorcycle and quickly countered with "I hear they may be coming out with an electric car in a year. How about that instead?"


So in 2012, I test drove my first EV, a Nissan Leaf and after pulling out of the dealer lot, at a stop on a straight away, I punched the pedal all the way to the floor and was 12 years old again.

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