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Top 5 Ways to Help Your Town Get a Gigafactory

Updated: Jul 26

Tesla's Elon Musk recently Tweeted that he's "Scouting locations for Cybertruck Gigafactory. Will be central USA." Naturally, every local Chamber of Commerce president and mayor tweeted back - "Pick us! Pick us!" Tweeting is a low-cost way to pitch a town, but ALL towns have "great logistics!" and "plenty of space!" along with "a highly trained workforce!" and "a great vibe!"

You're not special. Let's fix that.

1. Get your city council/mayor to pass pro-electric vehicle resolutions and ordinances. Free EV parking. Rename a street to Electric Avenue, and make it super cool. EV-day where local kids draw crayon pictures of Cybertrucks on Mars and the mayor hands out a big electric key to the city to the best drawing.

2. If you've got a municipal utility, create a special electric vehicle rate where it's cheaper to charge cars at night. Provide a rebate program for EV owners. Offer a dirt cheap rate to EV manufacturers to come and set up shop. And for crying out loud, offer renewable energy options. Elon ain't got no time for fossil fuels.

3. Freaking paint your street lines. Tesla's Autopilot relies on visual cues to drive - your quaint unmarked streets (that, let's be honest, are only that way because ya'll refused to pay up to update the paint job) will have Autopilot driving like a drunk.

4. Hey, Chamber of Commerce presidents - share the heck out of Tesla's FREE Destination Charging Partner program to all your members. Tesla hands out EV charge stations - for FREEEEEE - to retail, local government, and other hot spots where folks like to charge. See the picture in this blog? Yeah, that's a free charger that was given to a library. A library! If your town has few to no EV charge stations, you're making life difficult for no good reason. It's free. Come on. Tweet this. Facebook it. Put it in your newsletter.

5. Have your city start buying electric vehicles. They're cheaper on maintenance costs and don't emit deadly gases.

Tesla's Gigafactory isn't the only EV manufacturing opportunity either - Rivian will need to build more manufacturing, and legacy automakers are always looking for new places to build EV manufacturing. Who knows, maybe you'll land some other battery manufacturer that we're not even aware of at this time.

Show that you love EV's before you start tweeting out the exact same pitch that every other town is tweeting out.

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