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Top 5 Ways to Help Your State Get a Gigafactory

Updated: Jul 26

Tesla's Elon Musk recently Tweeted that he's "Scouting locations for Cybertruck Gigafactory. Will be central USA." Folks, don't worry - your Governor and Secretary of Commerce have totally reached out to Tesla, surely you can expect that Gigafactory to set up shop any day now.

What's that? There are OTHER states that want the Gigafactory? And those states ALSO have things like highways, railroads, airports, and "low costs of living"? Whew. This might be tougher than sending a Tweet to Elon! Let's help your state stand out.

1. Don't punish EV owners. Ya'll are passing all these crazy bills raising fees on EV owners and doing things like prohibiting Tesla from directly selling their cars in your state. You're banning Tesla sales and now you want their Gigafactory? Please. That's anti-competitive and anti-American. No Gigafactory for you!

2. Pour on the EV incentives. State tax credits for buying EV's and charge stations. Install EV charge stations at state public parks. Drive for free in the HOV lane. Don't require a front license plate for EV's (it messes with the aesthetic). Spend some of that VW Settlement money you've got lying around for electric buses and infrastructure.

3. Buy EV's for state fleet cars. Ya'll did it for Prius' when they seemed like the eco thing to do. Governor - shoot a promo video of you riding around being all S 3 X Y. Make a meme. Elon loves memes. Who doesn't love memes?

4. Be good to renewable energy. Elon wants tons of renewable energy, but your state is thinking about passing some bad bill that prohibits wind farms and solar farms? Or your utility is really BFF with coal? You're everything Tesla is opposed to! Stop being bad!

5. Act. Quickly. Look, Elon doesn't sit around and go through a bunch of hoops like Amazon did with their HQ2. Elon gets stuff DONE. Batteries installed in Australia in 100 days or the whole thing's free? Bam! Launching a car into space? Done! Building a million cars? Boom! If you see your house needs some cleaning up, fix it, now. The world's not going to wait for you to do some blue ribbon committee that evaluates thinking about putting together a memo. GET. IT. DONE.


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