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Louisiana EV policy round-up

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

What's Louisiana up to on EV public policy? Well...not much. And it's not all that great.

Charge Station Tax Credit

EV charge stations, or "electric vehicle supply equipment" (EVSE), are evidently eligible for a non-refundable state tax credit. As "property" associated with an "alternative fuel vehicle", EVSE's qualify for a 30% tax credit against individual or corporate income taxes.

New EV Tax Credit

New electric vehicles qualify as "alternative fuel" vehicles, and are eligible for a 10 percent nonrefundable tax credit, up to $2,500.

Direct sales

Louisiana House Bill 167, passed in 2017, prohibits direct sale of vehicles to customers. That effectively stops Tesla from selling their cars in Louisiana. The Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association pushed the bill. Hm. Wonder why.

Public Right-of-Way

In October 2017, New Orleans City Council passed an ordinance to allow electric vehicle charge stations to use public right-of-ways, with a permit and annual inspection. Because there are so many residences that have on-street parking, the city needed a quasi-private/public charging solution. The permit costs $300, plus an annual fee of $100, so costs are a bit high. Oh, and you can't operate a charge station on a Mardi Gras parade route during a parade. C'est la vie.

EV Parking Spaces

In July 2017, Lafayette Consolidated Government passed an ordinance to establish rules regarding electric vehicle parking. In short, the Lafayette Director of Public Works has authority to designate EV parking spaces (with City/Parish council approval), parking spaces must have signage, non-EVs are not allowed to park in those spots, and the director may set fee rates. EV's are disallowed from charging at designated parking spaces for more than four hours. Which, currently isn't a problem, given that no public EV charge stations exist. But that'll change. Soon.

Disclaimer: Don't take our blog as the final word on rules, regulations, tax credits, etc. We'll do our best to update this blog post, and it's current based on the posting date. But, follow the law, not this blog. If you have an update you'd like to contribute, send it to us!

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