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Lafayette Getting Public Electric Vehicle Charging

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

There's currently a gap in public chargers on I-10. Scott, Louisiana will soon fix it.

If it's reported on KATC, it's got to be real.

BEV, and a few people in-the-know, have been holding on to the news that Lafayette Parish is getting its first public electric vehicle charging stations.

Stations. As in several.

Lafayette Public Library system is constructing a new library in the city of Scott (on the western side of the parish). BEV members reached out to local government officials and provided information about Tesla's destination charge station program - where Tesla provides stations for free, providing a site qualifies. Tesla's "Charging Partners" program is suited for hospitality and retail, multi-family properties, workplaces, and other areas where folks aggregate. Tesla's Super Charger program also provides chargers for free; however, those sites require a more rigorous review. You can even write to Tesla and suggest a charging site, for free:

And it's been reported, these sites aren't just for Tesla vehicles. Telsa frequently couples its EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) with other universal chargers, like those from Clipper Creek. Clipper's chargers are quite popular, and already low-cost, with many level 2 chargers in the $500 range.

This is a big deal for Scott, and represents the first announced charge stations for the parish. Meanwhile, the cities of Lafayette, Carencro, Broussard and Youngsville haven't announced plans to install their own public EV charge stations...yet. A private business owner is avidly looking to install a charge station in Carencro. Lafayette passed an EV ordinance last year, and has a private electric taxi company operating.

I suspect there'll be more good news to report on; hopefully soon.

Stay amp'd up!

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