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Updated: Oct 25, 2020

There are numerous sources of information on Electric Vehicles. The ones that I particularly like include The RV Revolution Show, Fully Charged, Jehu Garcia, EVWest, EVAnnex, Tesla Forums, The Electric Forum, The Electric Vehicle Discussion List (EVDL including the EV Album) and numerous books. Not all of these sites will interest everyone, but give some a try and see what you think.

1. The RV Revolution Show.

Previously this show was called "The Model 3 Owners Club." Go to You Tube and search for the "Model 3 Owners club" to find it. The hosts are a couple of Canadians named Kenneth Bokor (on the left) and Trevor Page (on the right). They discuss a lot of EV related topics.

As the original name may imply, the show was started to inform people who had reserved a Tesla Model 3 car even before Tesla began production of that Model. As the show progressed the hosts would talk about other kinds of electric vehicles, and they would mention existing auto companies who had announced an intention to began production of EVs in the near future. Several startup companies who intend to build EVs are also described. This is a show where you can learn a lot about electric vehicles, wind power and solar power.


2. Fully Charged. Search for "fullychargedshow" on You Tube

The show is a series hosted by a couple of guys from the UK, Robert Llewellyn and Jonny Smith.

A good thing about Fully Charged is that they cover a lot of different types of electric vehicles from locations around the world. In addition the show covers other ways to use electricity. Some episodes cover the use of off-shore wind turbines to supply electricity to the Orkney Islands, off the coast of Scotland. Other episodes include solar panel installations in places like Australia, the Middle East or the USA.

When you view an episode of Fully Charged on You Tube there will be several other shows with similar content by other groups listed near the bottom of the screen. Several of these shows have good content, but I'm only listing the shows that I've watched several episodes of.


3. Jehu Garcia. Search for "Jehu Garcia" on You Tube

Jehu Garcia began producing his videos several years ago. Along the way he shows his conversion of an old VW bus from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to a battery powered electric motor. Not being an electrician or auto mechanic he has had a few problems along the way. With a lot of work and asking for help, he has managed to develop a nice electric vehicle. Jehu does a few other things in the area of renewable energy. He demonstrates how to build a replica of a Tesla powerwall using small batteries taken from older laptop computers. He also traveled to Puerto Rico after the Hurricanes to help individuals set up a few solar panels to at least have some electricity.


4. EV West.

This You Tube show seems to consist of videos of people working on various parts of an ICE to electric conversion. Jehu Garcia is in several of the videos. EV West is located somewhere in the Los greater Angelas area. Other sites that are similar to EV West include: DIY Electric Car Forum ( EV-America ( EV4U Custom Conversion Component Page ( Green Shed Conversions ( Electric Auto Association (,

The EAA publishes an newsletter called Current Events. It is really worth reading. Austinev: The Austin Area Electric Auto Association (

The Houston Electric Auto Association

( If you want to convert a bicycle (or a recumbent tricycle like Joy and I did) try



5. EVAnnex. At

EVAnnex is an after-market source for items made for use on Tesla cars. They always have three articles about something Tesla. Sometimes an article will be about something Elon Musk has said or done while other articles will be about some event or an accident that included a Tesla car.


6. Tesla Forums. (

If you own a Tesla Model S, a Tesla Model X or are waiting for a Tesla Model 3, then you will enjoy the discussions on the Tesla Forum. They have separate forums for the S, X and 3.


7. Chevy Bolt Forum (

Actually I have never been on this site, but thought that it should be included on the list.


8. My Nissan Leaf Forum (

Actually I have never been on this site either, but thought that it should be included on the list.


9. The Electric Forum (

Not bad if you own a GEM electric vehicle. That seems to be their main concentration even though this photo is of a Renault.


10. EVDL ( and the EV Album.

A converted Porsche.

The Electric Vehicle Discussion List (EVDL) at is a wealth of information about electric vehicles. It is an interesting​ place to just browse the postings and an even better place to ask questions. You can go to the web site to browse through the many postings over several years or you can subscribe and then you will get an email whenever anyone posts to the page. Many people comment on the various postings, but pay particular attention to a person named Cor Van de Water ( who seems to know a lot about electric vehicles and what makes them work.

Obviously a converted double tricycle.

In addition the EVDL runs the "EVAlbum" where you can look through information and photos of over 4,500 converted vehicles. The EV Album is just information on numerous EV conversions that included cars, pickups, vans, motorcycles, utility carts, bicycles, lawnmowers, drag racing vehicles and more. Each page on this website has many photos of converted vehicles with some limited information. Clicking on a photo will change the display to a page which contains a lot of information on that particular conversion. The information includes owners name and location, type of electric motor, the batteries, max speed, range, conversion time and more.


11. Books

Well, I've only read one book on converting an ICE vehicle to electric. "Build Your Own Electric Vehicle", second edition by Seth Leitman and Bob Brant. This book will not provide all of the information that you will need to convert a vehicle, but it is a good place to start.

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