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Buying a Tesla in 4 Easy Steps

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I've purchased two other cars from dealerships before. Tesla's way is how millennials want to do business.

Step 1. Order your car online.

Want a new Model S, 3, or X? Maybe a used vehicle? How about a slightly-less-than-new inventory car? The Tesla website is your portal to reviewing a bevy of electric vehicle options. There are tons of high quality, but used, Tesla vehicles available for <$40k. If you can't find any in your area, I recommend trying different zip codes: 10101 (NYC), 20002 (DC), 30303 (Atlanta), 73301 (Austin), 94110 (San Francisco) and 90210 (duh).

Step 2. Arrange financing.

You've chosen your Tesla. Congrats! Now, pay the reservation fee of $2,500. That gets you a reservation number. Shortly thereafter, your vehicle's identification number (VIN) should show up in your Tesla account. Tesla offers ways to purchase with cash, leasing, or through a third-party financing company (loan). I went through Tesla's suggested finance company, Alliant. I filled out all my paperwork online and swapped a couple emails. A Tesla rep emailed me my Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement (MVPA) and I sent that off to Alliant. Alliant sent me back my loan docs, and I sent those back to my Tesla rep.

Step 3. Arrange insurance.

With your VIN in hand, you can easily add your vehicle to your existing insurance policy. Tesla and the financiers may need a copy of your insurance on the vehicle before...

Step 4. Set delivery.

I ordered my Model 3 on April 30th, and Tesla set a delivery of May 14th. That date didn't work out for me, so I emailed my Tesla Rep and asked they move it to May 16th. Not a problem.

Why would millenials prefer this way of buying a car?

No "sticker shock" and no price "negotiation". No being handled by a car salesperson looking for a commission. No up-selling on features that I didn't want that I had to politely decline. I didn't have to wait in a dealership while they ran my credit score. I answered emails and set the delivery based on my schedule, not theirs. If I don't like the car after 1,000 miles, or 7 days, I can return it and get my money back.

But notice something: none of these steps are all that difficult to implement for a company, and none of these steps are dependent on the car's tech itself. It's just how a good company ought to be doing business with their customers.

It's the future.

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